Thanks for all the linkages!

9 01 2009

Thanks to Queerty for posting a link here! And a special thanks to Vagenius @ GMSC for this lovely quote:

Not only is this a cleverly furtive approach to creating “gay” art without shying away from, y’know, graphic content (dicks in butts, y’all!), but it’s also refreshingly devoid of sensationalism. Without being overly sensitive (read: a lesbo) about it, Hoppe is spearheading an idea — one that could, indeed, be considered precarious in its nature — with a sense of boy-next-door charm, thus denying it the type of naughty novelty flavor that free gay weeklies would kill to cover (if only The Bottom Monologues were stamped with a picture of a twink — eyebrows tweezed like the dickens — holding a book over his buttcrack and a pinky at the mouth).

We think so too! xoxo