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We Need Your Stories
The “Bottom Monologues” will be a play based on your stories. That’s right — you can have a hand in the writing of a play about your experiences! We’re hoping to collect submissions from gay, bisexual, queer, and trans men from across the world. We could write our own play without your help, but it wouldn’t reflect the complexity and diversity of experiences that we know are out there. We need your help to make sure that no bottom gets left behind! Submit your story today!

What We’ll Do With Your Story
Once we’ve collected the responses, the three of us will sit down and pour over them for a month or two. We’re going to read every word you’ve generously provided us. We’ll be reading for a few things: 1) Similarities that pop up in many of your stories; 2) Major points of conflict or disagreement; 3) And finally, we’ll be hunting for particularly evocative, exciting, or compelling stories.

Once we’ve finished reading, we’ll put similar kinds of stories into theoretical blenders and turn the narratives of dozens of men into one “composite character.” You may not find your word-for-word story about that amazing night in Paris’ Le Depot in the final product, but you can rest assured that it has influenced that direction of the project.

Who Should Submit
Anybody who has anything to say about gay/bi/queer/trans bottoms. That includes guys who identify as a top, bottom, versatile, and those who don’t identify at all. We’re even interested in hearing from straight-identified folks! Wherever you are. Whoever you are. And whatever kind of sex you have. We want you!

Ready to Submit?
Click here to be connected to the submission form (external link). The form asks a series of six broad questions for your to consider in responding for the project. We hope you find them useful, but if you’ve got better ideas for what to say, don’t hesitate to submit a different kind of story. That’s expected and wanted. If you have questions about the survey or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!

Submit your story today!

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