Bottoms Up!!

3 12 2008

As one of the organizers of this project, I’d just like to say…Welcome to the official Bottom Monologues website!  We are excited that you’ve found us…and even more excited about this project. If you take some time using the tabs above to look over the information here, then hopefully you’ll be as excited about The Bottom Monologues as we are—and you’ll submit some of your own thoughts and stories!  We want as much involvement and as many voices to be included as possible…so submit your stories today and help us spread the word!!





One response

9 03 2009
Marc Loveless

here is poem for considerstion:

X. ALIVE Passion

I saw you as you appeared with every presence of the prince you are. As our eyes see only each other your arm drops in step as your strength grabs and holds my firmness in your strong hand.

You say who you are, our words exchange and in a crowded space the only thing real is your full lips on mine as we fall into an embrace that pauses only for time.

I melt in your bed with my head filled with you as my body prepares to receive and accept you and as your body enters me you fill a space of passion and love in my life. I am complete my desire fulfilled and errors is alive even for me.

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